4 applications useful on mountain trails

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4 applications useful on mountain trails
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Mountains are a beautiful place, but also a space where you have to be extra careful. Therefore, before setting out on a mountain trail it is worth preparing yourself properly and equipping yourself with information and communication tools. Below we describe four extremely functional and useful applications for your phone, which will increase your sense of security and allow you to draw maximum pleasure from communing with nature in the mountains.

1. Tourist map

A map is essential. The proposed application is one of the most popular and best rated – and deservedly so. The program allows for comprehensive planning of trips, and in addition is a source of up-to-date information on the availability of trails, photos, comments and opinions, as well as access to detailed information on individual routes. The interactive map is perfectly described and marked, which makes it easier to arrange trips and find your way around. Thanks to GPS, the application can display your exact location on the map. It is worth to bet on the full version of the program to be able to comfortably use the plans also outside the network coverage. If you want to change your operator, for example because you are not satisfied with the current range, you can compare current telecommunication offers at https://komorkomat.pl/abonament/.

2. Rescue application

Safety in the mountains is the most important thing and you should act in such a way as to minimize any risk. However, there are situations that cannot be predicted. Therefore, if an accident or any other event occurs, which makes you need the services, the time of calling the rescuers may be of key importance. The launched Rescue application integrated with GPS system will connect you with a rescuer and then provide you with an exact location, which will significantly speed up the arrival of the Rescue Service personnel. TOPR strongly encourages you to install the application on your phone because in case of a fall or wandering tourists are rarely able to determine exactly where they are. Using the application in such a situation completely eliminates this problem.

3. AccuWeather

Weather in the mountains can change dramatically in just a few minutes, and yet it is mainly on it depends the level of safety on the trail. The arrival of a storm or heavy rain can turn a pleasant trip into a situation in which your health and even life will be endangered. That is why you should check the weather before you set out and give up if the forecast is not favourable. It’s equally important to keep an eye on the forecast and precipitation while you’re hiking, as keeping track of the messages will help you decide whether to descend into the valley early or retreat from the summit in the face of an impending storm. AccuWeather is a respected app with forecasts updated every minute and high reliability, so it’s worth betting on it.

4. Polish Mountains – descriptions of mountain peaks

When admiring beautiful mountain panoramas, do you ever wonder what peaks you are looking at? Thanks to the Polish Mountains application you will stop thinking about it! Just take out your phone and point it at the selected range. The application will instantly create a virtual panorama and the peaks visible on the screen will be assigned specific names. The application is interactive and allows you to move freely with the phone – the descriptions appear on the screen in real time. The application also allows you to take pictures, share them with other users and much more. Have a look at the website https://komorkomat.pl/where you can find other useful information on the latest technologies on the blog.

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