Learn about the most important types of golf clubs!

Chandler Lee
Learn about the most important types of golf clubs!
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A quality set of golf clubs is an absolutely key piece of equipment for any lover of the sport – without it, not a move. What types of golf clubs do we distinguish, and which are the best to equip yourself with before starting the game?

Golf clubs – construction and rules for equipment

The construction of golf clubs is precisely established by the Polish Golf Association. According to the prepared description, this type of equipment should consist of three basic elements: the grip (grip), the shaft (shaft) and the head (club head). In this case, it’s also worth remembering the English names – because golf is still the domain of Anglo-Saxon countries, while in Poland this elite sport is just expanding the circle of its enthusiasts.

However, let’s focus on Polish nomenclature. The handle nowadays is usually made of rubber, it should be primarily comfortable. The building block of a golf club shaft is metal or lighter graphite. The head attached to it, on the other hand, is the most important part of the golf game – after all, it is the one that allows you to perfectly measure the force and distance when hitting the ball.

A golf bag can hold a total of 14 clubs, and this is a rule that is strictly enforced during professional competitions. At this point, you may ask yourself why golfers need such a wide range of this equipment. First of all, because there are several types of golf clubs, and each of them will prove useful in different circumstances. Below is a breakdown of golf clubs based on their use.

Irons golf clubs

Owing their name to the iron that was once their main building block, regular Irons golf clubs are the equipment that is usually most in your bag. However, even they must differ in some aspect. It’s all about the heads, which, for each club, should be constructed in a slightly different way, so that they bounce the ball differently (on average 10 meters further). Golfers most often use this type of equipment when hitting from 100 to 200 meters.

Wood golf clubs

It may happen that it is necessary to hit the ball at a distance of more than 200 meters – that’s when Wood golf clubs enter the scene. Seasoned players can use them to bounce the ball as far as 300 meters, although this, of course, requires practice and considerable technical skills. 

Putter golf clubs

Putter golf clubs are one of the most important elements of a golfer’s equipment. The secret of their uniqueness is a specific design that allows you to hit the ball in such a way that it starts rolling. There is a reason why this type of golf clubs are always used on the so-called “green” – they help the player accurately and effectively place the ball in the hole from a short distance.

LW and PW golf clubs

Other noteworthy types of golf clubs are LW and PW clubs. The former are used for making short strokes with a high trajectory, so they prove useful especially when a player encounters a difficult obstacle on the course. PW golf clubs, on the other hand, are usually used at a distance of about 100 meters from the hole.

main photo: unsplash.com/sydney Rae

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