EMS personal training – see for yourself the benefits

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EMS personal training – see for yourself the benefits
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Nowadays we are all busy and overwhelmed with responsibilities. Hardly anyone can find time in their busy schedule to exercise at the gym or at least go for a walk

Unfortunately the lack of physical activity leads to obesity, diabetes and promotes the development of cancer. It is very important to take care of your health and physical form, so in response to the problems of people in perpetual shortage of time EMS training was created. Find out how this innovative method works and what advantages it has.

What is EMS technology?

EMS is a combination of regular training with the modern technology of muscle electrostimulation. During an EMS session, you wear a special suit with electrodes that send electrical impulses to your body very similar to those sent naturally by the brain. This makes the muscles work twice as hard and effectively, and you can notice the effects much faster.

Electric waves imitating those of the brain stimulate muscles to contract, which happens independently of your will – during such a training fatigue is no excuse

What does personal training with EMS look like?

You can’t work out with an electric muscle stimulator in every place. You need specialized apparatus and professional equipment, as well as skills and knowledge that only trained personal trainers have

The EMS training session takes place one-on-one with the trainer and is individually tailored to your needs, abilities and expectations. Training does not take place in a regular gym, but in special boutiques located in many cities in Poland, for example in Chrzanów, Gdańsk, Tychy, Szamotuły or Opole. Other locations include Poznań, Bielsko-Biała and Katowice. An EMS session lasts about 30 minutes and during this time you are able to burn as many calories as during an intense one-hour workout

Can anyone benefit from EMS training?

For healthy individuals, there are no contraindications to using EMS training equipment. However, if you suffer from heart arrhythmia, severe hypertension, have a pacemaker, take blood thinners or suffer from hemophilia, EMS training is unfortunately not for you. If you care, you can of course ask your doctor for advice, but trainers are not likely to accept training in such situations. Another contraindication for exercising with an electric muscle stimulator is pregnancy

If you do not suffer from any of the above conditions, consider starting EMS training, as it has great benefits – you can quickly and effectively take care of your figure. Because your muscles work harder during an EMS workout, the workout itself is usually much lighter and you will avoid injuries from strained muscles and joints. You can also lose weight much faster and strengthen your body, which will have a very positive effect on your health. In addition, physical activity protects against many diseases of civilisation and diseases resulting from incorrect body weight

In addition to regular training, take care of your healthy diet, avoiding unhealthy fats, excess sugar and heavily processed food. Prepare your meals with fresh, high quality products and take care of your body and your physical form

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