Why Every Outdoorsman Needs a High Carbon Steel Pocket Knife

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Chandler Lee
Why Every Outdoorsman Needs a High Carbon Steel Pocket Knife
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If you love the outdoors and spend time camping, hunting, or hiking, there’s no doubt that you need to have one of the best pocket knives on hand at all times. There are many different styles of these pocket knives that each have their own benefits, but high carbon steel pocket knives are especially valuable because they’re strong and sharp – just what you need to cut through tough materials like rope or animal hide in a pinch. Here are three reasons why every outdoorsman needs one of these pocket knives on hand at all times.

What Is a High Carbon Steel Pocket Knife?

A high-carbon steel pocket knife is a type of blade that features a thick, strong metal that is resistant to rust. It is preferred by outdoorsmen because it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, such as hunting and fishing. The high carbon content in these blades also makes them harder than stainless steel knives. All this makes them perfect for tasks like chopping through hard surfaces or cutting through tough meat fibers. And because of the composition of these blades, they are more likely to hold their sharp edge for longer periods of time than many other types of blades on the market today.

Advantages of Switching to High Carbon Steel

The blade of a knife can make the difference between skinning an animal or having to go get another tool. High-carbon steel is difficult to break, so you don’t have to worry about your blade bending while you’re using it. You also won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion, as high-carbon steel is one of the most durable metals available. And if that wasn’t enough, high-carbon steel blades are flexible and strong enough to withstand some serious wear and tear.

How to Care for High-Carbon Steel

Caring for your high carbon steel pocket knife is important. Proper care will help maintain the blade’s sharpness and extend the life of your blade. Here are some tips for how to care for your high-carbon steel pocket knife: 

1) Keep it clean. Dirt, oil, and other contaminants can cause rusting, dulling, and pitting of the blade. Cleaning your knife regularly will help keep it in top condition. 

2) Apply oil after cleaning. After you have cleaned the blade of your high-carbon steel pocket knife with soap and water or an oil cleaner, apply a thin coat of mineral or vegetable oil to prevent rusting before storing away until the next use.

Main photo: Denise Jans/unsplash.com

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