Where to start collecting stamps?

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Where to start collecting stamps?
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Philately is an activity for people of all ages and interests. Stamp topics range from sporting events, legendary figures, history, nature, to automobiles.

The first postage stamp was issued in 1840 in Great Britain. Collectors emphasize that the oldest stamps have great value today, not only in sentimental terms, but also in monetary terms. Some reach the value of several or tens of millions of dollars at auctions. That is why it is worth having knowledge about history and origin of particular stamps, in order to estimate their value correctly. Stamps that are intended for collecting purposes are automatically withdrawn from circulation, which means that they cannot be used to send a letter or parcel.

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What is needed to start a collection?

The primary issue will be funds to purchase stamps. Although it may seem that stamp collecting is an inexpensive hobby, in reality the most interesting and rare specimens are highly priced. Much less expensive are popular stamp collections that are worth stocking up on when starting your philatelic adventure.

The most important item you will need to equip yourself with will be a clasper, in which you can safely store your stamps. This is important because the value of each stamp is also affected by its condition, i.e. bends, scratches or color fading.

One of the tools useful in stamp collecting is tweezers. In appearance, it resembles traditional tweezers, but has rounded ends so as not to damage stamps. The tweezers are useful for placing stamps safely in a stamp album.

The necessary items of equipment for a philatelist can be purchased in professional stores that distribute numismatics and philately.

How to start a collection?

It is best to start stamp collecting by purchasing a ready-made set for beginner collectors. Those interested in such an offer may choose stamps stamped or not and their country of origin. More rare are thematic sets. The price of such a group of stamps is about 55 zlotys. Specially prepared packages contain from 25 to even 100 selected stamps.

The collection can be systematically expanded not only by buying new sets, but also through meetings with other collectors. Philately is a popular hobby, so it is worth looking for new acquaintances, attending stamp fairs or meetings of enthusiasts, and exchanging stamps with each other.

How to sort stamps?

Each collector can choose a system by which they want to organize their stamps or create their own way of categorizing their collection. Many philatelists choose to divide stamps into blocks and thematic categories, such as those related to sports, automobiles, flora and fauna. There can be many categories, depending on the individual preferences of the collector.

Some choose to create subcategories – for example, a sports category, a soccer subcategory. The possibilities are many, as each subcategory can be divided into further groups.

More advanced collectors choose to divide stamps by number and series or year of issue. Such a system definitely facilitates the exchange of individual stamps between collectors. This technical way of organizing stamps is also a great help when collecting stamps from a particular series or manufacturer.

Why collect stamps?

Collecting stamps is a pastime for people of all ages. In many families it is a tradition nurtured for generations. Philately is a relaxing hobby that does not require constant commitment. In addition, it helps to make new contacts and allows you to meet people who are passionate about the same activity. One of the unquestionable advantages of stamp collecting is financial. The hobby does not require a large contribution of money, and with a bit of luck you can find a specimen that will bring a big profit. Stamps also have an educational value, promoting the development and expansion of general knowledge.

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