How to win a paintball party in the woods? Here are 6 practical tips!

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Chandler Lee
How to win a paintball party in the woods? Here are 6 practical tips!
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How to win a paintball game in the forest? Learn practical tips and don’t let your opponents hit you during an outdoor game!

Paintball – some of the most important information

What is worth knowing before the inaugural paintball game? Paintball was created in 1981 in the United States. Players use markers, i.e. devices which by means of compressed gas eject balls filled with various coloured paint. The principle of their operation is similar to that of air guns. Other accessories necessary for a paintball match are face masks and military suits. The winner of the game is the team which has managed to eliminate all the opponent’s players, or the team which has managed to achieve a different goal, which was previously set in the scenario of the game.

Most often the game is played continuously for 45-60 minutes. Paintball is a sport that can be successfully played by people over 13 years old. When going for the game, it is worth taking gloves and shoes for running in the woods. Trekking shoes or football boots will work well here. In addition, you can also pack a scarf or a neck scarf, a T-shirt for a change, a towel and water or isotonic drink.

How to win a paintball party in the woods – 6 proven ways

A key point when playing paintball is to rely on your listening skills. By hiding behind an obstacle and using your hearing, you can both effectively defend yourself and launch an attack. You should never hold your head up over an obstacle and lean in either direction. This is an easy way to be spotted by an opponent and fail. When we hide without moving, we can easily determine where the rest of our team members and opponents are.

Another important thing to pay attention to when playing paintball in the woods is echo. In order to master this skill, you need to relax and stay calm. The echo can be misleading and thus mislead us as to the direction of coming of the opposing team member.

In order to be successful in paintball, it is necessary to determine the location based on sound. How to do it? Being behind an obstacle, it is worth to spend a few seconds to analyze everything that is happening around us. There is a good chance that at some point you will need to focus your attention on the location of the enemy and determine how much distance separates you. It is extremely important to maintain position and do not lean out from behind cover at the moment when you sense enemies gradually approaching. This way you will be able to shoot them easily.

What should you do if during a paintball game you find yourself in bushes, which act as cover? You should never look around. When you lift your head, it is important to keep it still, moving only your eyes. It is important to remain calm and allow the enemy to pass by you.

People with years of paintball experience agree that the more relaxed they are, the more they can hear and see. They are also more focused and in control.

It is best to hide behind a low, earthy obstacle (such as a hill or leaves) and observe your opponent’s movements from there. It will be easy to judge when to take the shot yourself.

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