What to look for when buying a digital camera?

Chandler Lee
What to look for when buying a digital camera?
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Buying a digital camera is a serious expense, so the choice of a given model should be made responsibly and reasonably. In this case, what to keep in mind when looking for the right copy? The answer to this question can be found in the following article.


This is the basic factor on which the choice depends and which determines the type of camera suitable for a given application. If you are looking for equipment for amateur recordings or you are just starting your adventure with filming, you will be completely satisfied with basic models, of which the cheapest are available for even less than 1000 zł. These are relatively small and simple devices, but you do not need anything more to document everyday or major life events, such as a wedding, birthday or holiday trip.

On the other hand, for more experienced users we recommend semi-professional models, which are perfect for creating longer, high-quality materials, while not costing a fortune and being relatively easy to use. The cost of their purchase is a few thousand zlotys and can reach amounts of about 10 000. In turn, you have to pay even more for a fully professional camera, designed for professional cameramen, which, in addition to high price is also distinguished by large dimensions. A separate segment are miniature models used for spying or recording video on the move (e.g. GoPro).


The higher the recording resolution supported by a given unit, the better the image quality. Currently the standard is Full HD format, which provides a resolution of 1920 x 1080 px, but for even more spectacular results you can count on the use of cameras supporting 4K resolution, because they record images with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 px.

Localization of result files

You can find camcorders for sale that come with their own hard drive or save videos to a memory card. If you intend to use the equipment to record long footage, such as a wedding, concert or performance, bet on a copy with a hard drive due to the availability of a large amount of space. To document short scenes, on the other hand, a model with a memory card will suffice.


If you want to be sure of the high quality of the recorded material, you should choose models with optical zoom, not digital. You can find many cameras with optical zoom in the rental https://www.panda-rent.pl/kamery/.

Type of sensor

Deciding on cheap models for amateur use, the choice of sensors is practically limited to a resolution of 800,000 px. More advanced models are equipped with three matrices, which provide much better color reproduction – they are particularly suitable for outdoor filming. On the other hand, sensors made with CMOS technology are more recommended for indoors and darkened places.


The screen is the basic tool through which you operate the camera and record images, so check whether it suits you. Pay attention to its size and quality, which largely determine the comfort of using the equipment. Remember also that the brightness of the screen affects the battery life.

Battery life

It is the life of one battery cycle from full charge to discharge that is another important factor to pay attention to when buying a digital camera. Obviously, the longer the runtime, the better.

Ergonomics and user comfort

Before you buy a camcorder, check how it feels in your hands. Is it comfortable to use, does the size fit your needs and the arrangement of the function keys allows you to operate the equipment comfortably? To find the answers to these questions, it is worth to test the chosen devices, e.g. by renting them from a company https://www.panda-rent.pl/.

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