Darts, or maybe golf – can hobby sports appear at the IO?

Chandler Lee
Darts, or maybe golf – can hobby sports appear at the IO?
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Some time ago there was talk of darts in the context of the Olympic Games. Does this, and other hobby disciplines, have a chance to appear at the prestigious championship in the future?

Darts at the Olympics?

Darts enthusiasts are wondering whether their favorite discipline could be on the Olympic Games program. On this subject emphatically spoke a few years ago Barry Hearn. At the time, the head of the PDC stated in strong words that there would be such a possibility – provided that the IOC does not interfere with the image of darts.

However, this is virtually impossible, because, as Hean himself stated, dart is the only sport in the world that is accompanied by a real party. Fans sitting in the stands are allowed to consume alcohol, among other things. No one from the world of dart will certainly not change the reality in favor of including the sport in the IO.

The return of golf to the IO

A prime example of how hobby sports can successfully appear at the Olympics is golf. This elite sport returned to the 2016 international tournament in Rio de Janeiro after an absence of as many as 102 years! Golf is also on the program for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and for the moment is one of the full-fledged Olympic sports.

main photo: unsplash.com/Afif Ramdhasuma

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