Horseback riding – why should you start?

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Horseback riding – why should you start?
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Even recreational horseback riding is a physical activity that requires considerable fitness. Contact with nature, excellent entertainment, as well as intensive training – these are only some of the reasons why more and more people visit stud farms.

Horse riding – sport for the chosen ones?

There are such sports, which are surrounded by aura of certain prestige. Among them we can mention golf or horse riding. Practicing this sport professionally requires a huge commitment, many hours devoted to training, and also quite a large financial outlay. However, these issues should not discourage you from trying to learn horse riding. Recreational riding brings a lot of pleasure. You can start learning at any age – in stud farms there is no shortage of offers for both children and adults. We can’t forget about the benefits of hippotherapy for disabled people. Are you wondering whether it is worth starting the adventure with horse riding? Here are some reasons that will surely tempt you to finally visit your nearest stud.

Unlimited contact with nature

Horses are very graceful animals, but making contact with them, not everyone comes easily. They have their own character, which you need to be able to control. Horses flawlessly sense the nature of man and his intentions. If you have good intentions – you can approach without fear, but of course you always have to take into account safety considerations. The basic rule is to always approach the animal from the front, otherwise it can feel the danger and kick – and this can have its finale in the hospital.

Horse riding, especially in the countryside, gives the possibility of unlimited contact with nature. The real fun are a few days rallies. More and more clubs organize such trips – huge interest enjoys, for example, horse trips to the wild Bieszczady Mountains, where there is no lack of horse trails. This offer is addressed to people with at least basic riding skills. If you are just beginning your adventure with horse riding, you will initially train under the watchful eye of an instructor in a closed paddock.

A way to spend your free time

More and more people feel the need to leave home in their free time. Excess of everyday duties can overwhelm. Hobby, which is horse riding, allows to relieve stress. However, there is a catch – it is addictive. A bit like trips to the mountains. Who once tries it, swallows the proverbial bug and wants more and more. After the first few wheels on the paddock you’ll know whether horse riding is an activity you’ll love with all your heart, or whether you should look for another form of entertainment.

Training your body and character

People who haven’t had any contact with horse riding so far may think that this activity doesn’t require any special physical condition and that all the work is done by the animal. Nothing more misleading. Even a quiet ride requires the involvement of many parts of the muscles. Try it at least once, and you will find out that there are many muscles in your body that you didn’t know existed before. They will let you know the next day – soreness accompanies everyone who starts riding.

The second point, as important as strengthening your muscles, is character training. To learn to ride a horse, of course you need a will, but that’s not enough. You have to be committed, patient and consistent. Learning does not always come easily, but it is worth striving for the chosen goal. Establishing a relationship with an animal is a huge responsibility. The ride itself is not everything – the bond is also built in the box during grooming activities.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your initial physical condition is. It is enough that you love animals and love contact with nature, and skills will come with time. Choose a good trainer, for whom work is a true passion, and then learning horse riding will be pure pleasure. You do not have to buy a pass for several months – start with single visits to the stud.

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