the 10 weirdest items collected by hipster collectors

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Chandler Lee
the 10 weirdest items collected by hipster collectors
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Collecting is a passion that can be not only expensive, but also unusual. What are the craziest collections?

Memorabilia of murderers

Lovers of criminal stories often want to own things belonging to the most beloved characters of dark stories. This group is definitely dominated by everyday items such as clothes, pens or private correspondence

Toys from McDonald’s

Equally popular are collections of toys from Happy Meal sets of McDonald’s restaurant chain. The most impressive collections have tens of thousands of items. One of the most famous toy collectors keeps his exhibits in a room of 650m2

Back scratchers

Among collectors of unusual items, it is also worth mentioning people who collect back scratchers. The first known collector of these items appeared in the United States in the 1970s. Currently, his impressive collection of handmade back scratchers includes more than 700 items brought from over 70 countries

Erasers for erasing

Erasers used to erase a pencil or crayon are also an object of interest for collectors. Funny shapes, colors and forms of erasers made this type of collections may include even tens of thousands of different items. One of the most famous collectors of this type of objects can boast of almost 20 thousand exhibits from all over the world

Hotel plaques

Unusual collections also include plaques placed on hotel door handles. This type of information usually concerns not disturbing the guests of the room or cleaning the room. Regularly travelling collectors may collect even several hundred of them every year. Packages of sugar, napkins or soap from hotel toilets can also be included in the same group of collections

Traffic bollards

An impressive collection of traffic cones can be boasted by the Briton David Morgan. His hobby began when he worked for a company dealing with road repairs. Since then, the man has managed to collect several hundred items, and his unusual collection has gained great publicity around the world

Umbrella covers

As collectors from around the world prove, you can collect anything. One of such people is Nancy Hofman, who has been collecting umbrella covers for several decades. Her rich collection became so famous that in 1996 she opened a special museum where you can see the items she collected


The culture of making and collecting surfboards developed several years ago. Nowadays, these types of handmade items are becoming almost as impressive as sculptures found in museums, and their makers are considered true artists

Cell phones

Advancing technology has meant that new cell phone models can be purchased almost every month. For this reason, old-school cell phone lovers decide to create special collections where they keep the most legendary models

Cut nails

One of the most unusual hobbies is collecting other people’s hair or nails. Although seemingly strange collections seem almost unreal, you can find many people in the world who have been collecting such things for years. Among them is Richard Gibson, who started his collection in the 1990s.

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