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Paralympic Games – what should you know about the event?

Paralympics – an unusual sporting event that is worth paying attention to. Some information to understand the idea of this kind of games

A sports event of great prestige, which is a unique opportunity for all participants. Paralympics have just finished, why does it arouse such emotions and attract so much attention?

The first Paralympic Games were held on the initiative of German neurologist Sir Ludwig Guttmann in 1960. The doctor of Jewish origin, who fled his native country, after the war dealt with the treatment of war veterans. He quickly realized the importance of sports – both for physical and mental health.

This was the idea that launched the Paralympics. Today, the event is the second largest sporting event, right after the Olympics that preceded it. In order to take part in the great tournament, one must meet the Paralympic qualifications, i.e. have a physical or intellectual disability. And, of course, to be the best of the best.

The event has always taken place at the same time as the Games for people without disabilities. And since 1988, also in the same place. In total, it includes as many as 28 sports, which is the same as in the Olympics.

Main photo: Stevebidmead/pixabay.com

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