Breeding and care of a horse – what do you need to know at the beginning of your riding adventure?

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Breeding and care of a horse – what do you need to know at the beginning of your riding adventure?
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Not every horse riding enthusiast becomes a breeder right away. But everyone who gets on horseback should know the basics of caring for these beautiful and demanding animals. We checked what every beginner rider must know.

Horse care – what should you remember?

Maintaining proper hygiene of the animal has a positive effect on its health. Horses that are not cleaned regularly get sick more often and live shorter. If you want the horse on which you ride to enjoy good health, you must carefully brush him. However, this is not the only grooming that awaits you.

Remember that every moment spent with your horse is a perfect opportunity to deepen your relationship with him even more. You probably don’t have to convince anyone that horse riding can be enjoyable only when the horse and rider understand each other without words.

The care of the horse before and after the ride

Half an hour – this is the minimum time that you must devote to carefully cleaning your horse after you lead it out of the stable before a ride. Remember that horses that live in confinement have limited opportunities to groom themselves. It is a different matter for horses in the pasture – they can take a sand bath, for example. In addition to grooming your horse before riding (this is a great opportunity to check your horse’s health!), you must also take the time to clean him before you put him back in the stall.

How do you take care of your horse’s welfare?

Contrary to what you may think, horses are extremely demanding animals. If you want to take care of them, you need to spend a lot of time on their regular grooming. Only proper care is able to translate into his good condition.

It may seem that the horse, thanks to its large stature, is a resistant animal. Nothing more misleading. Horses are delicate – just for a short time forget about the care and they can become seriously ill. Regular grooming is the absolute basis. Below are some tips on how to take care of the horse’s health.

How to clean the horse?

You will need a comb – preferably made of rubber or plastic. You will use it to remove any superficial dirt from your horse. It is best to use the comb immediately before riding. It’s also relaxing for the horse. Remember not to make any sudden movements in the presence of the animal, which can spook it. Use a calm, circular motion.

Brush (hard and soft)
The brush is the next step in cleaning your horse. While a comb will get rid of superficial dirt, a brush will get out the dirt that is deep in the coat. Brush against the hair and then with the hair. You can then comb through the coat with a soft brush.

The Horse’s Mane
You do not have to braid the mane, but you should make sure that the mane is always combed properly. You may use specialized cosmetics to groom the mane.

Take care of your horse as you would your own pet!

When you come back from a walk with your dog and your beloved pet has melted all over in the mud, the first thing you probably do is to pack the delirious animal into the shower. The horse is too big for such a bath, but careful combing (both of the coat, mane and tail), as well as regular cleaning of the hooves and nose allows to remove all dirt. The better you take care of your horse and the more you pay attention to grooming procedures, the better health the animal will enjoy.

Where can you learn to groom a horse?

It’s not easy, but once you sign up for a class at a riding school, the instructor will explain to you exactly how to prepare your horse for riding. You will also learn what grooming you need to do before you walk your horse back to the stable stall.

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