How to travel by campervan with a dog?

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How to travel by campervan with a dog?
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The vacation season is approaching and with it numerous vacation trips. For dog owners it is not a big problem, because what to do with your pet during a week-long vacation? Some people decide to take the dog with them, but still many hotels are not pet-friendly. In this situation, a great choice is a camper van, which allows you to be completely free when it comes to accommodation and stay. See what you need to take your dog on a trip in an RV.

Safety first

When it comes to traveling in any car, your dog needs the same protection as humans do – a seatbelt. If your dog is going to ride with you in the cab, be sure to buy a car harness for him, as well as a special belt with a buckle like that of a car belt. It is extremely important that these are the harnesses, because such a line attached to the collar can cause serious injuries or even strangle the dog in case of an accident. A harness is much safer. Riding in a camper also involves numerous stops at parking lots, gas stations and campgrounds. In these places it is mandatory to keep your dog on a leash. This is not only required by law but also for your dog’s safety. You can find various types of leashes for dogs on

If your dog, on the other hand, is going to be traveling in the back of the camper, it’s imperative to have a handler. When braking or taking sharp turns, your dog could fall off the couch, he could be hit by an object knocked off a ledge, or he could slam into a wall. Not to mention that being alone in a new place and such an unusual situation is a huge stress. In this case, in addition to the driver in the cab, there must also be someone to take care of the dog in the camper.

A cozy corner for your pet

It is crucial for your dog’s safety and comfort to have a cozy corner where he can rest or sleep. In such a place, there should be a dog bed or a blanket that carries his and the house’s scent. Also, it’s a good idea to bring along calming licking toys or a mind-engaging olfactory mat. Traveling in a camper is a stressful experience for your dog, and toys will make the trip much easier. The camper must also include food and water bowls, of course, and a place to play if you don’t intend to make frequent stops. However, you can’t forget to include breaks in the ride for your dog’s toilet. While people’s RV’s allow them to use the restroom while driving, no more thought has been given to dogs. Furries still need to take care of their needs outside, so don’t forget about your pooch and stop for a walk during your walking hours.

Which dogs should I avoid traveling with in an RV?

Every dog is different, so one dog will feel great on the road and the excitement of the trip will give him a positive vibe, while another dog will pee with his tail tucked in fear. Unfortunately, dogs with anxiety or a tendency to reactivity will not feel well on a journey lasting several days. It will probably be a huge stress for them and a reason not for joyful tail wagging, but rather nervous barking and unhealthy way of emotional discharge. If your dog has these traits, have him cared for by a loved one or a petsitter, and go on vacation alone.

Dogs are wonderful life companions, and anyone who walks around covered in dog hair every day knows it. It’s a good idea to think carefully about whether you want to keep your dog as a friend or not. However, it’s worth thinking whether your dog will learn something positive from such a trip or whether it will only perpetuate unhealthy behaviours and all the work on its behaviour will be in vain. If your dog is a born traveller, remember to provide him with a decent leash and a quiet corner and go explore the world together!

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